US – China Carbon Deal: Reaction Roundup

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Looking like a game changer.  Congressional Climate Deniers already chewing the carpet.

Joe Romm of Climate Progress has posted a good review piece here. He told me in an email:

..this  eviscerates the conservative primary argument against domestic US climate action — that we are  supposedly sacrificing while the biggest polluter does not. Indeed, this  actually reframes the entire issue. Now GOP attacks on EPA standards EPA and Obama’s larger climate actions can be seen for what they really are — an effort to kill this deal with China and stop the nations of the world from coming together to prevent catastrophic climate change.​

In his piece, he elaborates:

The historic new U.S.-China climate deal changes the trajectory of global carbon pollution emissions, greatly boosting the chances for a global deal in Paris in 2015. The deal would keep, cumulatively, some 640 billion tons of CO2 emissions out of the air…

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