[NCO:ncks] extract/select depth level (temp)


I have had a hard time looking for the function which can extract depth from z-axis in temperature file while analyzing climate data (CMIP5)


CDO (1.8.2)(my favorite tool!!!) may have the function “sellevel”, but it seems not ready to use. It just made me waste time with massive unsolved questions.


Besides, NCO provides a very simple method using “ncks”


For extracting 10th depth from temperature data.

> ncks -F -d depth,10 input.nc output.nc

-d depth: find data at “10”th axis from “depth” variable. (you can find the name of depth variable after typing “ncdmp -h filename.nc”)

input.nc: temperature data with depth level.

output.nc: output data at “10”th axis.


So, Simple 🙂