[CDO] chname: change variable name

Let’s go,


<1> prepare any netcdf file.

if you don’t have any, follow the “ferret” script (if you installed this program.).

$ ferret -nojnl

yes? use coads_climatology

yse? save/file=yi_sst.nc SST

yes? quit



<2> check variable name by ncdump

$ ncdump -h yi_sst.nc

you can find that the style of its variable is an uppercase.


<3> change variable name, “SST” to “new_sst” using CDO

$ cdo chname,SST,new_sst yi_sst.nc yi_sst_2.nc




So, Simple 🙂


also, you can change multiple variables in once by using CDO~!

cdo chname,u_gr_p,U,precip_g,RAINNC,latitude,lat temp_j1.nc temp_j2.nc


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