[CDO] combining NetCDF files in time

Sometimes, there are model files which are separated in time, even each file has same start time step not accumulated form.

In my case, I had problem about combining several model files (like CMIP5).

I could make them as one by descriptor file “comebine.pl” if that have connected time steps.

Here, let me introduce how to combine several unconnected time step files as one.

It’s very simple. 🙂

=> cdo mergetime tmp_1980-1990.nc tmp_1991-2000.nc out_file_1980-2000.nc


but, some file still needs to be regrided in longitude and latitude.

so, after the combining,

=> cdo remapbil,r360x181 out_file_1980-2000.nc out_file_1980-2000.regrid.nc

done!! not enjoy to analyze it ~!!


CDO reference card: cdo_refcard

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