[NCO] extract variable, delete variable/dimension

It’s useful for simplifying data, even it will be helpful for working in GrADS.

(in ferret’s case, it can read most types of netcdfs)

let’s go!


  1. Extract variable “SST” from in.nc (ref)
    1. $ ncks -v SST in.nc out.nc
  2. Delete variable “lev” from in.nc (ref)
    1. $ ncks -C -O -x -v lev in.nc out.nc
  3. Delete dimension “lev” from in.nc (ref)
    1. $ ncwa -a lev in.nc out.nc
  4. Repeack the out.nc after averaging-out the level dimension with “ncwa”
    1. $ ncpdq in.nc out.nc



So, Simple 🙂