easy to get data from ftp server or website directly



wget_air.csh  (for downloading data at http://clima-dods.ictp.it/data/d9/ERAIN150/ )



set var = ‘air’
@ x = 1979

while ($x <= 2010)
echo $x
wget -r http://clima-dods.ictp.it/data/d9/ERAIN150/$x/$var.$x.00.nc
wget -r http://clima-dods.ictp.it/data/d9/ERAIN150/$x/$var.$x.06.nc
wget -r http://clima-dods.ictp.it/data/d9/ERAIN150/$x/$var.$x.12.nc
wget -r http://clima-dods.ictp.it/data/d9/ERAIN150/$x/$var.$x.18.nc
@ x += 1



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