Editing Vector Arrow


The information for the arrow when you draw a vector image in ferret, seems to be in a correct location.


This option is useful for change the position of the arrow of vector information.


Just add this line in a journal script in ferret as following.



ppl veckey, xpos, ypos

(vecky is the vector information, xpos and ypos means the position of it)



vector/set/nolab/len=0.2 u,v

ppl veckey, 0, 0, , (f4.0, “m s^-^1”)

ppl vector

  • u,v: wind variables
  • nolab: do not show the labels.
  • len=0.2 : set the length of the vector
  • set: necessary for applying ppl option


Done, hope you could find its changed position.


So, Simple 🙂