hourly climatology (6-hourly)

For making climatology in 6 hourly interval, new axis should be defined. (ref)

Let’s start!




set memory/size=200
use slp.79-97.nc

def axis/t=0:`365*24`/calendar=noleap/edges/npoints=`365*4`/t0=1-JAN-0001/units=hours/modulo new_axis
let clim=var[gt=new_axis@mod]

save/clo/file=slp_79-97_clim.nc clim



at t=0:`365*24` : unit is hours, so 1 year axis should have 365 (day) * 24 (hour) points.

at calendar=noleap: noleap means no leap year. most model use noleap calendar type.

(If the data considers leap year, then use “julian”.ref)

at t0=1-Jan-0001: define first time as 1 year, January, 1 day.

at @mod: creating climatology (ref)


It’s very powerful function and,

So, Simple 🙂

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