List of Ferret/PPLUS Character fonts

All labels in Ferret can be plotted using any one of 21 character fonts. The default font is SR (Simplex Roman) and other fonts are called by preceding their two letter abbreviation by an @, i.e., @CI for complex itallic.

Simplex Roman (default) @SR
Duplex Roman @DR
Triplex Roman @TR
Complex Roman @CR
ASCII Simplex Roman @AS
ASCII Complex Roman @AC
Complex Script @CS
Triplex Italic @TS
Gothic English @GE
Indexical Complex Roman @IR
Simplex Script @SS
Complex Italic @CI
Indexical Complex Italic @II
Simplex Greek @SG
Complex Greek CG
Indexical Complex Greek IG
Gothic German GG
Gothic Italian GI
Complex Cyrillic CC
Cartographic Roman AR
Cartographic Greek AG

A clear font command @CL is available to change the default font. The next font called after a @CL becomes the new default font. The font is reset to the default at the start of each label. The PPLUS command DFLTFNT can also be used to change the default font to one of your choice.

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