PPL: veckey (set scaling key for vector plot)

can data/all
can view
use coads_climatology
vec/nolab/l=1 uwnd,vwnd
ppl veckey,180,-120,,(f3.1,” cm/s”)  !”180,-120″ are longitude and latitude.
ppl vector/overlay,5,5
go land

Appendix B Sec9.83


VECKEY sets where the scaling key for the vectors is plotted. See VECTOR and VECSET commands.

x = x position of vector key
y = y position of vector key (default is no key at all)
ipos = relative position of key (not implemented)
format = format to draw the numeric part of the key default = (1pg10.3)

Valid qualifiers are:

/[NO]USER determines units of x and y positions. Default is /USER. If /NOUSER units are inches from the ORIGIN. (see the ORIGIN command)


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