put real time axis

I will rearrange this later~!!

let kk = 1
repeat/name=mm/range=1958:2014 (;\
if `mm eq 2014` then;\
use lh_oaflux_`mm`rt.nc;\
use lh_oaflux_`mm`.nc;\
DEFINE AXIS/T=”15-Jan-1958″:”1-Sep-2014″:1/UNIT=month tannual;\
DEFINE GRID/T=tannual gannual;\
LET timestamp = T[G=gannual] * 0;\
LET lh = lhtfl[L=1:12] + timestamp;\
if `mm eq 2014` then;\
SAVE/append/FILE=test.nc lh[L=`kk`:`kk+8`];\
SAVE/append/FILE=test.nc lh[L=`kk`:`kk+11`];\
let kk = `kk + 12`;\
can d/a;\

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