Wind stress curl

ref 1, 2, 3.

You can calculate wind stress curl by ferret.

let rho_air = 1.2 ! kg/m^3 
let cd = 1.2e-3 ! non-dimensional drag
let/title="wind speed"/units="m/s" wmag = (u^2+v^2)^.5
let/title="Zonal Wind Stress"/units="N/m^2" taux = rho_air*cd*wmag*u
let/title="Meridional Wind Stress"/units="N/m^2" tauy = rho_air*cd*wmag*v
let/title="windstress curl"/units="N/m^3" curl_tau = (tauy[x=@ddc]-taux[y=@ddc]) 

If you're interested in curl_tau/f...

let pi = atan(1)*4
let omega = 7.292e-5
let f = sin(y[g=u[d=1]]*pi/180)*omega

let/title="windstress curl/f"/units="N/m^3/s" curl_tau_ovf = curl_tau/f

also, be careful for the units. It’s mostly very small, so multiplying 10^6 will be needed.

Let’s try it. 🙂