wget: get file from website

(1) for downloading  “http://www.hitel.net/~myname”

# wget http://www.hitel.net/~myname/index.html

"http://" can be ignored and “index.html”, too.

# wget www.hitel.net/~myname/

(2) get a structure and relative data: option -r (recursive) 

# wget -r www.hitel.net/~myname/


(3) set searching depth: -l (level), default is 5

# wget -r -l 5 www.hitel.net/~myname/

(4) get only sub-directory link : -np (No-Parent)

# wget -r -np www.hitel.net/~myname/doc/lecture/lecture.html

(5) get specified file: -A (Accept)

# wget -r -np -A html,htm www.hitel.net/~myname/

also -R (Reject) option is for excepting specified data

# wget -r -R gif,jpg,jpeg www.hitel.net/~myname/

(6) no message: -q (quiet)

(7) only simple message: -nv (non-verbose)

(8) no overlap: -nc (not-clobber)


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