Is wrfout written in snapshot or average value?

I learned a lesson from here

Is wrfout data average or instantaneous?

HELLO everybody,
I was trying to do a statistical comparison use the wrfout data and the observation data, but the problem comes: is wrfout data average or instantaneous? Should I compare it with the instantaneous observation data or average observation data? Some one who knows please help. than u very much :lol:



wrfout files are instantaneous output files, not averages, though some data (like precipitation) is an aggregate over the entire length of the run.



Is there a way to get an average for all variable?


Option 1:

– Add diagnostics for max/min, time of max/min, mean and standard deviation values of surface variables: T2, Q2, U10, V10, skin temperature, time-step rainc (raincv and rainncv). The option is controled by namelist output_diagnostics = 1, and output goes to auxiliary output stream 3 by default (thanks to L. Fita, J. Fernández, and M. García-Díez of Spain):

output_diagnostics = 1
auxhist3_outname = “wrfxtrm_d<domain>”
io_form_auxhist3 = 2
auxhist3_interval = 1440
frame_per_auxhist3 = 1

[from … 3.3.1.html]

Option 2:
Output model data at a sufficient small time step (depends on your purpose) and average your variables afterwards (e.g. NCO).


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