daily climatology

Calculating climatology !! (ref, ref2)

climate data has various time steps, such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, years ..

This script is useful for handling the NetCDF file with various time steps.


<Example for daily>

define axis/t=1-jan-1961:31-dec-1990:1/unit=days tlong
let myvar = RANDU(T[gt=tlong])       ! a random dummy data variable (if variable is SST then, SST[gt=tlong])
def axis/t=0:365.2425/edges/npoints=365/t0=1-JAN-0001/units=days/modulo daily1
let myvar_clim=myvar[gt=daily1@mod]
let myvar_anom=myvar-myvar_clim[gt=tlong]


<For drawing and checking data>

set region/t=1-jan-1980:31-dec-1980
set view upper
plot myvar, myvar_clim
set view lower
plot myvar_anom


Not hard huh?

So, Simple 🙂

(if you know ferret little bit)

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